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Development – Production – Distribution of biodegradable and biobased plastics

Nature produces many materials, designs and principles that are technically unmatched. In this respect, what could be a better role model for us today than nature? Achieving nature’s ideal is the challenge we have faced at FKuR for over 20 years. In this challenge of striving for perfection, we have developed innovations in the field of bio-based and biodegradable plastics that meet the highest standards and set new benchmarks along the way.

We are one of the leading suppliers of bioplastics resins. You may choose from our comprehensive portfolio of plastics based on renewable resources. Our compounds are tailored products for a variety of applications and processing methods. The sense of duty we feel toward our customers and our passion for products that combine sustainability with pioneering material properties are reflected in our motto:

Nature as guideline. Plastics as passion. Customers as partners.

As a specialist in the field of bioplastics, FKuR offers a broad portfolio of various extrusion and injection molding grades. Depending on the grade, FKuR products guarantee a long service life or are biodegradable and break down into naturally occurring, harmless base materials.

As a result of their diverse and tailored properties, FKuR bioplastics have become firmly established in many commercial areas, from agricultural applications, exible bags and packaging solutions to electronic products or toys.

All FKuR bioplastics are complete products which do not require any further modification. They can be processed directly on existing equipment as a drop-in solution.

The FKuR product includes own compound developments as well as a variety of bio-based distribution products.

Brands of FKuR





Terralene® rPP

Terraprene® TPE

I’m green™ EVA

I’m green™ PE