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Our Suppliers are some of the World’s leading and reputed manufacturers of sustainable materials like BioPlastics, Bio-based, renewable, bioblend, compostable, bio-degradable Plastics, Materials, Tecnologies and EcoPackaging & Products.


World’s largest Global Trade Platform for BioPlastics, Sustainable Packaging & More.

One could either browse the entire Internet for days on end to find the right product for their application, spend weeks or months to build a working relationship with the prospective supplier


Just let us find some of the World’s most advanced Materials that are derived from renewable sources, plant based and environmentally friendly products that suit your needs in few minutes on BPX.One


Search for by Companies, Brands, Application, Products & so on that suit your needs.


Send us your Inquiry for the product that you wish to source or any way else we can help you grow your business.


Receive goods, prices, samples, availability , technical support directly from your preferred suppliers.

Our Collective Goal 

At BPX.One we facilitate the collective goal of our Suppliers and Consumers to help the Industry migrate & move towards Sustainable Development by adopting renewable, sustainable, eco-friendly materials and minimize Carbon footprint & reduce the dependence on fossil-based resources, worldwide.

Few more things we can help you with…

The Team of BPX.One has been in the business of International Trade & Business Development for over 35 years involved extensively in the services listed below.
Reach out to us for help to develop your business for any or all of your requirements mentioned below.

Procurement of Feedstock

Corn & Corn Starch, Tapiaco & Starch & more

Sourcing Raw Materials

Granules / Pellets of PLA, PHA, PBT & more…..

Technology Transfer

Transfer of technology from well known, experienced and leaders to companies aspiring to venture into the field of BioPlastics & Sustainable Packaging…..

Consignment & Forwarding Services

Import, Export, Warehousing, last mile delivery, end-to-end logistics & commerce….

Research & Development

There are many R&D Programs going around in the World that you can choose to be part of or begin your own with our expertise & team.

Technical Licensing

If you wish to License Technology from any of the leading manufacturers, feel free to let us know.

Sale & Distribution Network

Establishing your Sales & Distribution network is another way we can help you with.

Joint Ventures

We can help you establish partnerships / joint ventures with compatible leaders of the Industry

Our Principals

Our Principals are some of the World’s largest & leading Companies in their respective fields in the BioPlastics & Sustainable Packaging Industries.

Novamont S.p.a

Novamont is an Italian company, international leader in the bioplastics sector. 

More about Novamont

Total Corbion PLA B.V

Total Corbion PLA is a global technology leader in Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) and lactide monomers.
The company is a 50/50 joint venture between TotalEnergies and Corbion.

More about Total Corbion


PTTMCC is strategic joint venture between PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC) and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC). The two globally reputable corporations that passionate with ambitious program for developing innovative bioplastic : BioPBS™ .

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SMS Corporation

SMS is a global leader of modified tapioca starch for use in various industries, including food, paper, adhesives, textiles, construction, health care, personal care, and bioplastic.

More about SMS Corp


Sirmax manufacturers BioComp® – an innovative bioplastic product family which contain high renewable content.

More about Sirmax


Natur-Tec® researches and develops biobased and compostable formulations, compounds, and products in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

More about Natur-Tec


As a specialist in the field of bioplastics, FKuR offers a broad portfolio of various extrusion and injection molding grades. Depending on the grade, FKuR products guarantee a long service life or are biodegradable and break down into naturally occurring, harmless base materials.

More about FKuR

Our Patrons

Our Patrons are some of the leading Companies in their respective fields & regions from around the World.

Featured Products

BioComposite Travel Bags from Trifilon

Shoe Soles

Bio-Molded Fibre Tableware from Zume

Compostable Pouches from AlphaPoly

Some of our other Members

Companies who are Members of the BPX.One network.

Latest Industry News from around the World

United Nations recommends bioplastics as sustainable alternative to conventional plastics.

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